There are many different opportunities to become an owner, or be part of a syndicate on our team. If you are interested in learning more about syndicate options currently available or having Lindsay take on a horse you already own. Below are some of the ownership opportunities we offer at Lindsay Beer Eventing.

A sole ownership is an unincorporated horse that is owned by one individual and is the simplest kind of ownership structure.

The owner has sole responsibility for  maintenance costs of the horse and receives sole recognition of ownership in competitions and events.

Fully embrace the journey and travel to competitions  and training events with your horse. Already have a horse you are wanting campaigned- fantastic.i not we will happily work with you to source the perfect horse to join our team.

 In a horse ownership syndication, a group of people come together to purchase ownership in a promising horse.  Each owner covers their share of the cost to buy into the horse - a one time buy in fee, and the annual costs needed to maintain the horse.

For example, if you are joining a horse syndicate offering 5 ownership interests, then you and four other people will own that event horse (through your ownership in the syndicate) and help maintain the costs of your event horse on an annual basis. The costs are predetermined, and syndications come in many affordable price ranges!

Corporate ownership can be a powerful promotional tool, with companies able to give their name to their horse – a fantastic advertisement for the business. Most companies find their ownseship provides a boost in staff moral,and many entertain their clients by taking them to watch their horse compete. Its an ideal way to promote your brand through wider public exposure. Besides promotion, there are many business perks to owning an event horse, for starters all HST on purchase and training and applicable maintenance and competition fees is reclaimable.

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